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Palestine and Israel

Palestine and Israel

Help Get Health Care and Real Peace for Gazans

 Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) are asking for letters to elected officials to help bring about peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

The current campaign is seeking to relieve the incredible suffering,  psychological and physical, of the 1.8 million children, women and men in Gaza who have lived through three wars in the past six years.  

Elected officials are being asked to:  

* Help relieve the suffering of Gazans by supporting the Al Ahli Hospital’s and other medical organization’s efforts to get needed medical equipment and supplies through the Israeli checkpoints and into the hands of medical professionals
* Oppose efforts to punish Palestinian civilians by cutting or unduly restricting funding for humanitarian relief and other crucial support to the Palestinian people
* Support USAID’s requests to provide for urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza and the West Bank
* Encourage Israeli and Palestinian leaders not to give up on the peace process, and the hope of real peace.

Desperation in Gaza is not good for Palestinians, for Israelis’ security, or regional stability.

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