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Action Steps

Fracking:  What is it?
Fracking: Using millions of gallons of water and secret chemicals, oil and gas companies crack open underground rock formations, forcing deposits of oil and gas tucked deep within the earth up to the surface. This controversial process, combined with industry deregulation, has landed our country smack in the middle of an ill-timed oil and gas rush.

Our Project of Life

Our Project of Life
In the midst of so much that calls to us — so much activity, so many emails asking for response, so many actions for peace, for environmental integrity, for economic justice, for racial justice, for the end to senseless wars, for a just immigration reform, for gender equality, and fairness — we find ourselves in the liturgical season of Lent. Lent is construed so often as an interior time; the season of “repentance.” Is it only inward? Is “repentance” only an interior concept? Surely not. Our traditions understand it as both. I like Marcus Borg’s understanding of the word “repentance” as “going beyond the mind you have.” Surely this is true for our society as well as us as individuals.
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