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Update on Nepal Earthquake: CRS and Caritas Are Distributing Aid

Update on Nepal Earthquake
The latest earthquake, centered about 50 miles east of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, was magnitude 7.3. The April 25 quake registered 7.8. It killed at least 8,000 people. Casualty reports from the latest temblor were just filtering in. All CRS staff are safe. CRS, which has committed $10 million to Nepal’s relief and recovery, has tried to reach people in outlying areas, a challenge as already bad roads were damaged in the earthquake.

Palestine and Israel

Palestine and Israel
"Gaza may be off the front page, but the suffering continues. Reconstruction of housing and businesses is minimal and the hospital continues to provide free care. These families need our help." - Anne Lynn, President, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Creating a Climate for Solidarity

Creating a Climate for Solidarity
How do we care for Creation? What difference does this make for the impoverished of our world? The Feast of Saint Francis, October 4th, the patron saint of those who promote ecology, offers an ideal time for reflection on the role we play as stewards of God’s gifts.
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